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Welcome to Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club in Kefalonia

Diving, Snorkeling or just having a relaxing day in isolated, breathtaking beaches.

Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club will take you to unforgettable experiences in the emerald, crystal waters of Kefalonia.Our dive professionals will take you out at sea with comfort and safety, either your taste is for world class wreck diving like HMS Perseus submarine, or you like a dive in a colorful, vivid Mediterranean reef.

Not a diver? Join one of our snorkeling tours in some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, discover aquatic life and enjoy the sea away from crowds, with your friends or family.

We love and enjoy scuba diving along with free diving for more than 20 years. Many things have changed ever since, the underwater environment have suffered the human impacts but also we experienced underwater marvels and discoveries, from a face to face with Bluefin tunas and Monk seals to ancient and WW II relics. Everybody is welcomed to join us in our journeys and adventures underwater and what we enjoy most is to introduce our beloved aquatic world to beginners.

Teaching someone how to dive does not include only skills and theory sessions. Diving is not an extreme sport but the way to see a huge, wet and mostly unexplored part of our planet. Diving is a passport to find an activity in most of your travels around the world. And sharing the passion for diving is as important as sharing the knowledge.

Is important to create confident divers, to transform one from a “tourist” underwater into someone who understands what rules both the aquatic life and his own presence underwater. Some of them we hope will share the same passion with us and become dedicated divers of professionals themselves. We do not provide just courses. We want to make divers that ourselves would feel safe and enjoy diving with. And will be more than glad to guide them from their first steps all the way.

Also we enjoy sharing our experience on how to trail and discover the aquatic creatures, the marine ecology and the understandings of the marine environment in general. And to share with experienced divers the dives we like most.


DIVE TIME 9.30 AM – 12.30 PM – 03.30 PM – NIGHT DIVE
DURATION Approximately 3 hours
WEAR Swim Wear
Experienced Guiding Diving/snorkeling equipment
insurance, boat trip,  Tranfer from/to your accomodation (depending where you are staying may apply extra cost)


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Services for Non Scuba Divers (NSD) + Certified Divers (CD)Discover Scuba Diving 3h/50min U/W (NSD), Guided Snorkeling 60min U/W (NSD), Discover Free Diving 3h/90min U/W(NSD), Single Dive (CD), Double Dive (CD), 3 Dives (CD), 4 Dives (CD), 5 Dives (CD), Package 6 Dives (CD), Special Dives (CD)

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